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Hacking Health invited healthcare experts from across Canada to collaborate with technology talent in Montréal.

The idea was simple: Hackers love to solve problems, and healthcare has plenty to go around.

Le 24-25 février 2012, Hacking Health invita à Montréal des professionnels de la santé venant de partout au Canada dans le but de collaborer avec des experts en technologie.

L'idée est simple: les hackers adorent résoudre des problèmes, et il y en a tout pleins dans le domaine de la santé.

The Projects

Les Projets

  • Montreal Accessible
    1) People with disabilities dont know which places are accessible for them

    2) Accessibility means more than ...
  • MediSync
    Patients need to be able to find medical info online
  • Qi CV
    Most people do not see past a child's severe disability. Most information represented in clinical assessments, reports, and cumulative files ...
  • Drug Bank in your pocket
    Give access to public drug data
  • Mymedicalhistory.ca
  • iCaregiver
    Our aging population brings an increase in the number of people with multiple chronic conditions, and therefore often a need ...
  • Clinic in a Box
    The perceived complexity in sourcing, installing, paying for, and using Electronic Medical Record systems, especially in under-served regions of Canada. ...
  • Remindr.ca
    There is an HIV epidemic in Saskatchewan. Despite the availability of antiretroviral therapy (ART), which has revolutionized HIV care and ...
  • Tame Type II Diabetes App
    Current applications to help persons with diabetes capture some data trends, but often do not reflect all the key biophysical ...
  • Kinect Burn Area App
    Severe burns are a medical emergency leading to rapid loss of fluids from the area where skin has been destroyed. ...
  • Medical "Hot or Not"
    We want people to have immediate access to the best treatment choices for a particular disease, based on the best ...
  • Smart Watch Fall Detector
    Elderly people living at home can fall unnoticed. This device/software/webservice will notify a list of people about the fall.
  • Is that smart? Twitter Bot
    Healthy university students are increasingly turning to the non-medical use of prescription stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall to enhance ...
  • HemoTrack
    Treatment for hemophilia is extremely expensive. The average costs to treat a man with with Factor VIII is approximately $435,000 ...
  • Health Quest
    We don't know how we are doing. Our system of healthcare delivery and treatment lacks a quantifiable feedback loop. Many ...
  • NFC technology for health
    People that travel frequently, live in different countries frequently don't have easy access to their personal health info (e.g. allergies, ...
  • Epidemic Management App
  • text Rx
    In busy hospitals nurses, doctors, and associated health care professionals need to quickly communicate and follow up on the test ...
  • resto-net.ca

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A huge thanks to the organizing team who made this event a success!